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Hemorrhoids Home Remedy


Hemorrhoids are also known as piles and this medical condition is common to  both women and men. The symptoms of hemorrhoids include pain and itching in the anus. They can also cause bleeding. As there is a rich network of arteries in the anal region, the bleeding from this area is bright red in color instead of typical dark red color as is seen in venous blood.

Causes of Hemorrhoids

There are various causes of hemorrhoids, the most common ones being chronic diarrhea, constipation, sitting for long period in toilets and straining during bowel movements. Pregnancy and obesity are also responsible for hemorrhoids. Risk of hemorrhoids increases with age. 


Though hemorrhoids may not lead to the loss of life, they can still be quite painful and can cause intense discomfort to the suffer. It is possible to treat hemorrhoids using natural home remedies as they are easily available and are safe for use.

Here are a few examples - 


Aloe Vera juice extracted from aloe vera should be directly rubbed on to the hemorrhoids at least four times a day for fast results. 


Witch Hazel- You should first chill witch hazel in a refrigerator. You should then apply it using a piece of cotton wool and gently wipe the hemorrhoid. You should do this at least three times a day. 


Diet can be a contributory factor in causing piles. A poor diet lacking in fiber can cause constipation leading to piles. Making a few simple adjustments to ones diet can help to alleviate piles. All those who are suffering from hemorrhoids should consume food rich in fiber to enhance easier movement of bowels. Consumption of vegetables and fruits should be increased. Aside from this, one should drink at least 8-10 glasses of water a day. This helps in making the stool softer. Citrus fruits such as grapes and oranges should be consumed as they are rich in bioflavonoid, which helps in building healthy blood vessels. This will help you in getting rid of hemorrhoids within a short period.    


Certain foods such as caffeine and cheese should be avoided as they can worsen the condition. Sugary foods and alcohol should also be avoided. 


Mangoes-aside from being rich in fiber, also provide various health benefits. By making fine powder of dehydrated mango seeds, you can consume it as tea for diuretic purpose, or you can also mix it with water for making a salve for your external hemorrhoids. Mango seeds help in stopping the bleeding in the rectal area.   


Radishes- You can increase your fiber intake by adding radishes in your diet. This will help you in alleviating various symptoms of hemorrhoids. Radishes can help you in two ways; you can either eat them orally, or you can also use its paste as a topical ointment on the affected area. You can make this ointment by mixing small amount of milk, pureed radishes and some buttermilk.     


Yarrow-This is a valuable herb that can be used as tea. This tea is helpful, but in the case of your hemorrhoids, you should apply it directly on the affected rectal area. This reduces itchiness and swelling that is associated with the hemorrhoids. You can get yarrow in many grocery stores and natural food markets. 


Coriander Juice-Make a juice of sugar, coriander and water, and take a small amount at least twice a day for softening your stool and for controlling the bleeding. 


Buttermilk-By consuming a glass of buttermilk, your digestive system will work in a way that it will heal piles and help in preventing from getting the hemorrhoids again in future. You can also add buttermilk to several topical agents for reducing dilation and swelling in an external way. 


Ice packs- This is the cheapest and the best Home remedy for hemorrhoids. You should use this by enclosing the ice cubes in a soft cloth before applying directly to the skin. 


Sitz baths-In this natural treatment, you should soak the rectal area in the tub filled with lukewarm water for about ten minutes. You will have to repeat this at least three to four times a day for about one month. You should dry your rectal area using soft cloth. It is best if you can use soft towel or baby wipes for this purpose.   


You will definitely get great relief by using the above mentioned home remedies for hemorrhoids, but you should note that these remedies are for information purposes only and is not a substitute for qualified medical advice. Therefore, you should also consult a doctor for you hemorrhoids problem and continue to use the most suitable natural remedy to get faster results. 


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